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Creating Achievements through Reading Enhancement

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Care Collaborations

You know what makes a reader better? Confidence. I’m not there yet, but I feel better.

— Student-Athlete, Fall 2011

What is CARE Collaborations?

CARE stands for Creating Achievements through Reading Enhancement, and I would love the opportunity to collaborate with you in creating an individualized, successful literacy enhancement program for your athletics department.

Colleges around the country are facing a disturbing trend: students are coming unprepared for college-level learning, reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  This is even more significant in the student-athlete population, where many students are granted admission through “special admit” criteria, and even student-athletes who succeeded in high school often struggle with the pressure and time constraints of the sport and more challenging academics.

College athletics programs have a responsibility to develop a student-athlete, not only on the field of play and in the classroom, but also for success in life outside of school and athletics.  This involves understanding each student’s unique academic needs and ensuring that the program provides resources to meet those needs.  In many cases, the remediation of literacy skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) gives students the ability to perform better in athletics, in the classroom, and prepare for a future career.

In 2009, I created a reading enhancement program for student-athletes.  I developed a criteria for identifying students who would benefit from the services, along with a framework and curriculum for remediating literacy skills.  The program’s secret of success lies in the focus of assessment and skill development specific to the student’s individual needs.  Rather than tutoring or helping a student through a class, this program builds the skills the student needs to succeed in any class. On average, students improve two and a half grade levels every semester, and most students are able to succeed academically after only one year of remediation.

It is my passion to continue to build literacy enhancement programs in which student-athletes can achieve far more than they believe- in the classroom, in the field of play, and in life.  Because colleges and athletics programs have unique needs and resources, I would love the opportunity to collaborate with you in developing a program that fits those needs specifically by using the resources available. Interested in finding out more?  Start by answering some questions about your athletics program and allow me to contact you to discuss some ideas about how I can collaborate with you to see your student-athletes achieve far beyond expectation.