Enhancing a student’s literacy skills not only prepares them for success in the classroom, but also gives them the confidence they need to succeed in the field of play and in social situations, and provides the foundation for a successful future career.  Here’s what some parents and former reading students have said about some of the achievements they have seen with the program:

As a mother I knew my child was struggling reader.  Throughout his years as elementary student I tried to encourage him to read things he enjoyed such as Sports Illustrated for Kids.   His teachers knew as well that he struggled with reading comprehension, and fluency.  I had him tested for special services but he did not qualify.  Therefore we struggled together throughout high school.  He spent many hours in tutoring after school.  This helped him get through high school.  However, when he got accepted to college and it was a requirement for him to attend the tutoring program to play football he didn’t want to go at first but I noticed over a period of time he began to love the tutoring reading sessions.  I feel the reading program helped him with all subjects because it taught him how to read for enjoyment in all subjects.  He became enthusiastic about reading any and everything, he became a better independently reader, great vocabulary growth, and his reading comprehension improved. – Mother of Football Student-Athlete and 2015 College Graduate

Coming into college, I struggled with reading and knowing how to study effectively. I am truly blessed by a university that cares about their student athletes to go above and beyond to see them succeed. Learning never became so fun until having the opportunity to work with Meredith as she taught me the right tools, strategies, and ways to effectively study while making it a fun process at the same time. – Women’s Golf Student-Athlete and 2014 College Graduate

Your reading program helped me a lot Meredith. For example, it helped me read better, faster, as well as understand what I am reading. It has helped me study for exams and all by the improvements of my reading. Today I still am very thankful for how much you have helped us athletes and I know you’ll do great for others.- Men’s Basketball Student-Athlete and College Graduate

Before I went to college I had a hard time comprehending what I was reading. Than I started working with Meredith everyday on my reading skills until I became  a better reader! – Football Student-Athlete and 2013 College Graduate

The reading program improved my confidence in my reading. – Football Student-Athlete

The reading program helped me in many ways. It helped me to prepare using the right tools for the assignments the were brought forth. It opened my eyes to look at not only the overall view of things, but small details because there is always a cause and solution to problems. This helped me in my classes, on the football field, and at work. Also, in the reading program you have to read out loud which helped me in my presentations, interviews, and overall social life.- Football Student-Athlete and College Graduate